"A Plea For Understanding"
by Eric von Bayer

I see with dark sad eyes
the intolerance that belies
so much of this world
hear the masses cry
the lack of understanding
people subjugated to what others believe
Why is it so hard for them to see?
to see the awful burden that they do lay
upon other shoulders each and every day.

We are not all the very same
some find fear, others find blame
But I urge with all my tired heart
find beauty in this, let it not depart
nurture it like an award winning rose
for it will bloom richly, not shrivel, decompose...

Who are these ones who tread so thoughtlessly
putting underfoot fragile innocent delicacy
The ones who strip humanity from life
who kill with love and wound, cause strife
Who intend the best and hurt the most
yet offer words of support in public toast.

Children in big bodies, worn like oversized shoes
pretending and acting, filling roles desperately huge
afraid the world knows their unbearable secret
never able to grow, too busy acting the part.

I know your secret, that's part of my sorrow
part of what issolates me, feeling bitter and old,
I'm not from today, yet some distant tomorrow.
I feel so alien, so oft alone,
So far away from some fictional home.

Lest you think ill of me, or that I condescend,
I speak honestly and in that I do mend,
I'm not grown up either, I'm still irresponsible at times
still follow my heart instead of my mind
still make mistakes, still repay hurt dealt to me,
moreso when wounded my friends in my heart that I keep.

My words may have strayed a bit far away
from the point I began to try to say.
Let people be what that shall will to be
do not disdain, belittle or worry...
Lend them strength, a steady helping hand
build them up and help them to stand.
Give them room to grow and simply be,
unique for all the world to see.