"Fractured Reality"
by Eric von Bayer

Lonliness washed over me
fingers of ice water choking me
screaming silently my breath gone
my throat full of bile
blood beat strong behind my eyes
the word "alone" rang in my ears
the thought eclipsing everything
sorrow welled and cascaded from my eyes
coughing bitterness thick like phlegm
what source did this come?
how had hapiness spun out of my grasp so suddenly?

No reason could be spoken to the screaming man
barred behind a door of iron
banished to the darkened corners
no matter to him
his eyes sewn shut
blood flowing from his ears
his world and mine so far apart
today as one not split as twain
the vile thoughts and images sprang
cold fire upon the tongue and mind
all was pain and hurt till numbness overtook
the echoed overtones shattered by numbness
holding no power fell dead and silent
and peace in tranquil sadness held
a temporary armistice alas, but held...