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  The Ennio Morricone Anthology A Fistful of Film Music (Disc 2) by Ennio Morricone
Artist:Ennio Morricone
Album:The Ennio Morricone Anthology A Fistful of Film Music (Disc 2)
Album Length:1:14:36
n/aAct of Faith (from Bugsy) *3:12
n/aIl Gatto (from The Cat) *3:09
n/aGli Scatenati (from The Cat) *3:42
n/aMagic and Ecstasy (from Exorcist II The Heretic) *3:03
n/aMoses Theme (from Moses The Lawgiver) *4:09
n/aIl Moi Nome e Nessuno (from My Name Is Nobody) *3:11
n/aPazzia Da Lavoro (from The Working Class Goes To Heaven) *2:24
n/aSenza Motivo Apparente (from Without Apparent Motive) *4:23
n/aMarch of The Beggars (from Duck You Sucker) *4:55
n/aBobodog (from The Humanoid) *1:39
n/aCavallina a Cavallo (from Dedicated To The Aegean Sea) *4:20
n/aLa Tragedia Di Un Umo Ridicolo (from Tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man) *2:15
n/aTie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (from Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!) *2:44
n/aFrom American Sex Appeal To The First Fellini (from Cinema Paradiso) *3:26
n/aThe Untouchables (from The Untouchables) *3:11
n/aAl Capone (from The Untouchables) *2:55
n/aOn Earth As It Is In Heaven (from The Mission) *3:51
n/aCockeye's Song (from Once Upon A Time In America) *4:23
n/aSinfonia D'Una Citta Part II (from Copkiller) *4:50
n/aChi Mai (from The Professional) *5:06
n/aDuck, You Sucker (Main Title) (from Duck You Sucker) *3:38
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