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About my music tastes:

Generally I like most every kind of music. Though generally if the lyrics aren't good it takes a great deal to overcome that. Pretty much anything that's not rap, and not twangy country I like. I particularly like rock, non-repititious techno, industrial, alternative acoustical ballad type songs, classical (though I max out on it a bit too fast), new age, and jazz/classical piano. My MP3.com station above is devoted to the moodier side... Melancholy seems to sum up most of my life so it resonates with me easily. If you're curious as to what I really listen to, I've put an index of my music collection online... You can check it out here.

Music Equipment:


Yamaha S80 64 16
  • 88 Key Velocity sensitive (with aftertouch) weighted keyboard
  • DSP Based effects processing
  • 24M Sound ROM with very good synth, acoustic/orchestral, and percussion
  • Personal Note: I love the action on this board, as well as the sounds. I can't foresee ever getting rid of it or being vastly dissatisfied. The only small hitch is the insertion effects routing which leaves a bit to be desired.
  • High quality acoustic and electric piano sounds
  • Virtual acoustics board, uses acoustical modeling to create expressive wind, reed, and brass instruments
Alesis QS6.1 64 16
  • 61 Key Velocity and release sensitive (with aftertouch) semi-weighted synth action keyboard
  • 16M sound ROM, some useful synth instruments
  • Mostly useful as a master keyboard
E-mu Proteus 2000 128 32
  • 32MB Composer Rom (Rock, Pop, and Synth)
  • 1024 Presets / 512 User
  • 24-bit dual stereo effects
  • 16MB Rom (Rock, Pop, Orchesteral, and World)
  • Proteus 1, 2, and 3 sounds
  • 512 Presets
  • 32MB Rom (Rock, Pop, Orchesteral, and World)
  • Various sounds from the ZX expansion banks
  • 512 Presets
E-mu Virtuoso 2000 128 32
  • 64MB Orchesteral Sound Rom (Brass, Winds, String and Percussion)
  • 512 Presets / 512 User
  • 24-bit dual stereo effects
  • 32MB Rom (Orchesteral)
  • A subset of the Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra sound library
  • 512 Presets
SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 64 32
  • 256M of SoundFont MIDI instrument space
  • EMU 10k1 DSP Audio Effects Chipset (32-bit, 48KHz)
  • MIDI In and MIDI Out
Midiman USB Midisport 8x8/s   (256)
  • 8 Independant MIDI Inputs (128 channels)
  • 8 Independant MIDI Outputs (128 channels)
  • SMTPE In and Out (Read/Write/Regenerate) with syncing to MTC
M-Audio Delta 1010 (32)
  • 24-bit@96kHz sampling (can run at lower)
  • 8 +4dB/-10dB balanced/unbalanced TRS inputs
  • 8 +4dB/-10dB balanced/unbalanced TRS outputs
  • S/PDIF In and Out
  • Wordclock in and Out
  • All channels are fully independant
  • MIDI In and MIDI Out
Shure Beta 58a    
  • high-output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone
  • 50 to 16,000 Hz
  • Pneumatic shock mount reduces handling noise

Total: 513 128

Music Software:

I used to have a much more detailed list with descriptions, but I didn't maintain it enough. At some point I want to go through and write reviews for most of the stuff I have. However, in the meantime here is a flat no frills list:



Effects Plugins (DX/VST)

Synth Plugins (DXi/VSTi)

Sound Libraries/Banks

Impulse Response Libraries

Loop Libraries

My Music:



"The Sorceror's Apprentice" by Paul Dukas: I produced this for the Yamaha S80 and E-mu Proteus 2000. It was originally sequenced by Jack Gilbert, a very nice fellow from Massachusetts. I modified very little but patching and overall pan/volume/velocity for tracks to even it out as a good mix. I didn't supply a MIDI file for it because it would have been of little use because of using multiple synths.

    "Closer" (Original by NIN): Done using E-mu Proteus 2000 and my Yamaha S80... relies heavily on DirectX effects. I went a little nuts with it... it was my first production on my new Delta 1010 card and the first one I really used DirectX. It's a fair shade different than the original. I like it that way but it still needs a bit of work.

    "Ride of the Valkyries" by Wagner: Done using E-mu Virtuoso 2000... Done mostly as a demo for the V2K I only applied a slight reverb to it (DFX).

    *NEW*"Dr. Who - Theme" by Unknown: Done completely with soft synths under Sonar 2.2 Synths as follow: Junglist, Pentagon I, Scorpion, Triangle II, and LiveSynth.

    *NEW*"Melancholy Dance" by Eric von Bayer: Finally! Something I wrote myself and sounds good! I've had some comments that it sounds almost Slovakian in origins. It was done using E-mu Virtuoso 2000 for the harp sound... This is simply a theme on which eventually I hope to expand, but I thought I'd make it available in the meantime.

Sound Banks and Patches:

Cakewalk Instrument Definition Files:

Cakewalk Application Language (CAL) Files:

Kontact Script Processor (KSP) Files:


SystemExclusive Dumps for Tweaked version of the patches for the PLG150PF V1.0:
These files can be loaded to your keyboard using something like MIDI-Ox. The patch will be loaded into the buffer so to keep it you'll have to save it to some location using STORE. They contain tweaks I did to improve the sound and the volume of the patches. I tried to stay near the character of the original but make it have a bit more depth and expressiveness. At some point I'll probably post more.
Yamaha S80 Studioware:
This is my first run attempt to create a remote panel for the S80. It has no feedback from the synth so you have to work blind, but it works decently as a remote control.

SysEx Yamaha S80 Performance Mode:
This System Exclusive (SysEx) sets the S80 into performance mode. Usually you want to send this before any of the other SysEx banks.

SysEx Yamaha S80 Performance:
This System Exclusive (SysEx) sets up a performance where you can select from any bank on the synth and the effects are patched to be channel 2.

SysEx Yamaha S80 GM Performance:
This System Exclusive (SysEx) sets to performance mode, sets up a performance where you can select from any patch in EXT (but can't bank change out of it), and sends a GM system reset. This should be used with EGM or GM banks for proper results. Effects are on Channel 1.

SysEx Yamaha S80 Piano Performance:
This System Exclusive (SysEx) sets up a performance where you can select from any bank, the effects are on channel 2, and channel 1 is assigned to the PLG150PF board in plugin slot 1.

S80 Tool web page:
This tool (for Windows 9X/NT/2000) allows you to manage the banks on your S80. Also allows for local editing of S2A, S2E, and S2V files.