"A Soulmate's Silent Song"
by Eric von Bayer

I stood amid the waving grass
as it tickled my legs
in the cold blue moonlight.
A silence as stirring as thunder
hung about the night.

Afar off I saw you
knowing it was you
not by aspect, nor shape, nor form
but by some differentness
percievable but unto the mind.

I longed to ride the wind
to your side in that hard silence
but my feet yet remained
amid the tickling grass

I longed to call your name
that you might hearken,

coming nearer unto me,
but that abysmal silence remained.

Yet somehow you knew,
maybe by the same perception,
that I longed to reach you,
and from the distance,
I felt your eyes meet mine.

The embrace we shared,
not of body, not of touch,
spanned the waving grass,
spanned the heavy silence.

I dared but hope, fleetingly,
that one day soon,
I could move to meet you halfway.
But for now, at least I knew,
I felt, that intangible embrace.