"Simple Gifts"
by Eric von Bayer

I bent and kissed you, light like the wind
Like a feather touch on your lips
But in that instant, my heart lept in a swell and joined the heavens
I wished, like the wind I could echo your name across the land in whispers and roars
To carry my love ever to you
But I was a man... a simple man, and all I could give was the intensity of my eyes
The lightness of my touch
The softness of my love
All I could give was myself... and no more
But I knew... in that you could be happy
I loved you because in me you could be happy
And I knew, that my heart was as free as the wind
Your simple gentleness... like soft water on a hot day
You filled my soul with peace and joy
I love you
In all tenderness... I love you