"The Quiet Voice"
by Eric von Bayer

Topaz skies burned soothingly,
My eyes charmed by their essential life,
One, two... no three clouds drifted,
gently, quietly,
making their way across the heavens.

The very trees held their breath,
only the wind whispered between their darkened boughs,
whispered about yesterday and before,
whispered of people and places
insignificant in time and space, but great..
great for some inner greatness

Who were these men,
why were they greater than mountains and rivers,
how did the o'erreach the very stars?

Some though, some fought, some died, some fell,
all these faceless men, great in the notion of the wind.
But like the wind, all had a quiet voice...
a voice that shaped the very mountains and dunes.
Simple words echoing on the wind.